About Many Hands Volunteering C.I.C.

About us

Many Hands Volunteering is a Community Interest Company set up in 2017 to support and fundraise for children's and youth services in Islington and North London. Within our team, we have over 30 years experience working with vulnerable young people and making a difference.

[Kerry O'Connor, Director ] [Simmone Walker, Director]

We offer a two-fold corporate responsibility solution for donating and volunteering. Your company can be confident your donation is spent for maximum front-line impact, with minimum waste on administration. And your staff will be safely managed and supervised so their efforts produce clear, measurable benefit and they return motivated and inspired by their achievements. Find out more about our corporate services

We also offer supervised volunteering opportunities for individuals who would like to join our team and direct their efforts to do most good. We welcome people wishing to use existing skills and those willing to work hard and learn new skills too. You do not need to have a DBS criminal records check to volunteer with us as most of our work is improving children's facilities behind the scenes when children are not on site, and you will always be supervised by an experienced, DBS-checked person. However, we will organise a DBS check with you if a special project requires volunteering around children. Sign up for volunteering oportunities