Many Hands Volunteering C.I.C.

Help us help the children and young people of North London

Our Projects

a group of volunteers waving hands

Our volunteers dug more than 60 planting holes through clay, stones and rubble in support of the Caledonian Park Friends Group who are growing climbing plants along the railings of the North Avenue garden.

volunteers working

Many Hands volunteers cleared weeds, dead leaves, and ivy from flowerbeds and a fence, aerated and re-seeded patches of lawn, cleared moss to make walls and paths clean again, and helped keep the Centre 404 garden a lovely place to be.

volunteers demolish a rotten shed, remove old play-equipment, 
and clear areas for new play and gardening area

Nothing's too tough for us - we might have to use sledge-hammers, power tools and brute force, but we'll get the job done! At Paradise Park Children's Centre we demolished a rotten shed and removed all the dangerous sharp naily timber away to the skip, we dismantled an old play structure, and took down a brick barbecue.